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    “To the best law firm I have ever had the privilege to know and have in my corner that encouraged me to not quit, give up, nor forget, thank you very much to all of you, for settling my case and keeping in touch with me.”

    Hanna Ko

    “I met Loyst several years ago when his client and mine were on opposite sides of a very difficult, emotion-driven employment lawsuit. Loyst and I have remained close colleagues ever since. Never, ever do I want to be on opposite sides of a case against him.”

    William Becker, Esq.

    “I had only worked with a firm for 5 days when a manager walked into my office, closed the door, stuck his finger in my face and started screaming at me. I gathered my things, left and never returned. Despite the fact that I immediately took a back up offer with another firm and hadn’t lost any income, Loyst settled the case for in the mid five figures within a few weeks. I was amazed.”

    Certified public accountant. Confidential settlement reached

    “During the deposition of the harasser in my case, Loyst was so aggressive the guy actually started sweating and breathing so hard his counsel asked to take a break. I actually felt vindicated right then and there.”

    Former hotel reservationist. Confidential settlement reached

    “My former employer asked me to do something that I knew was illegal. I’m a single mother and was scared but I quit my job because I believed it was wrong. Loyst obtained a six figure settlement for me after a mediation that lasted until midnight. I’ve never seen someone so aggressive.”

    Former human resources director. Confidential settlement reached

    “I was very impressed with attorney Fletcher’s cross-examination skills. The defendant presented an expert to testify, but by the time attorney Fletcher finished cross-examining him, their expert was our expert. They settled just days later.”

    Carl Rozatti, Carl’s Automotive

    “Loyst is superb on either sides of the table and my go to guy when my clients have a serious legal crisis. He is the consummate “fixer” you do not want to find yourself needing to contact, and you certainly never want to hear from him.”

    Cameron Mitchell, Motion Picture Talent Agent


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